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Estate violenta
Year: 1959
Genre: Drama / Romance / NEW RELEASES
Rating: (7)
Country: Italy / France
Runtime: 100 min.
Director: Valerio Zurlini
Studio: Société Générale de Cinématographie (S.G.C.)
Cast: Eleonora Rossi Drago / Jean-Louis Trintignant / Jacqueline Sassard / Cathia Caro / Lilla Brignone / Raf Mattioli / Federica Ranchi / Giampiero Littera / Bruno Carotenuto / Tina Gloriani / Enrico Maria Salerno / Nadia Gray / Xenia Valderi
Summer, 1943: wealthy youth in the Riccione district of Rimini play while the war gets closer. Carlo Caremoli, a young man who follows the crowd, has found ways to avoid military service. Then, on the beach, he meets Roberta, a war widow with a child. Roberta's mother warns Roberta to avoid Carlo, but to her, he seems attentive and to her daughter he is kind. Romance develops. Within a few weeks, Roberta is risking everything. Can there be a resolution between passion, on the one hand, and war, duty, and social expectation on the other?
Year: 1957
Genre: Comedy
Rating: (0)
Country: Italy / France
Runtime: 103 min.
Director: Alberto Lattuada
Studio: Carlo Ponti Cinematografica
Cast: Jacqueline Sassard / Raf Mattioli / Sylva Koscina / Raf Vallone / Leda Gloria / Lili Cerasoli / Fanny Landini / Loretta Capitoli / Leonardo Botta / Antonio Mambretti / Flavia Solivani / Tonino Cianci / Enzo Cerusico / Giancarlo Cobelli / Decimo Cristiani / Fiorella Lavelli / Titti Fabiani / Nadia Scarpitta / Piero Malò / Emanuele Pantanella
Wealthy teenager Guendalina (Jacqueline Sassard) is a child of divorce. Oberdan (Raf Mattioli), likewise a teenager, is a boy from a blue-collar family. Escaping from the tribulations of her home life, Guendalina creates a dream world of her own, casting Oberdan as her personal Prince Charming. Despite parental objections, girl and boy fall in love. Interestingly enough, the relationship between Guendalina and Oberdan remains pure and chaste throughout their film, which is more than can be said for their parents. their respective parents behave with marked laciviousness. Guendalina marked the return to the screen after a two-year absence by filmmaker Alberto Lattuada, who pursues his characteristic fascination with pubescent sexual yearnings.
Les Biches
Year: 1968
Genre: Romance / Drama
Rating: (5.8)
Country: France / Italy
Runtime: 100 min.
Director: Claude Chabrol
Studio: Alexandra Films
Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant / Jacqueline Sassard / Stéphane Audran / Nane Germon / Serge Bento / Henri Attal / Dominique Zardi
Architect Paul Thomas insinuates himself into the relationship of two bisexual women living in a St. Tropez villa with tragic consequences.
Arrivano i titani
Year: 1963
Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Adventure / Action
Rating: (0)
Country: Spain / France / Italy
Runtime: 110 min.
Director: Duccio Tessari
Studio: Vides Cinematografica
Cast: Pedro Armendáriz / Giuliano Gemma / Antonella Lualdi / Serge Nubret / Jacqueline Sassard / Gérard Séty / Tanya Lopert / Ingrid Schoeller / Franco Lantieri / Maria Luisa Rispoli / Isarco Ravaioli / Fernando Rey / Aldo Pedinotti / Angelo Casadei
An evil king makes a bargain with a devil in order to get away with murdering his wife.
I pirati della Malesia
Year: 1964
Genre: Action / History
Rating: (5.2)
Country: Germany / Spain / Italy / France
Runtime: 110 min.
Director: Umberto Lenzi
Studio: La Société des Films Sirius
Cast: Steve Reeves / Jacqueline Sassard / Mimmo Palmara / Andrea Bosic / Nando Gazzolo / Leo Anchóriz / Franco Balducci / Pierre Cressoy / Giuseppe Addobbati / Nando Angelini / Dakar / George Wang / Sujata Rubener / Asoka Rubener
Filmed in Singapore it tells the story of Sandokan who is a Malaysian rebel who, with a group of renegades, goes up against a British General who is trying to force the King to resign.
Year: 1967
Genre: Drama / Crime
Rating: (6.2)
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 105 min.
Director: Joseph Losey
Studio: Royal Avenue Chelsea
Cast: Dirk Bogarde / Stanley Baker / Jacqueline Sassard / Michael York / Delphine Seyrig / Vivien Merchant / Alexander Knox / Ann Firbank / Terence Rigby / Brian Phelan / Harold Pinter / Freddie Jones / Carole Caplin / Nicholas Mosley / Maxwell Caulfield
Stephen is a professor at Oxford University who is caught in a rut and feels trapped by his life in both academia and marriage. One of his students, William, is engaged to the beautiful Anna, and Stephen becomes enamored of the younger woman. These three people become linked together by a horrible car crash, with flashbacks providing details into the lives of each person and their connection to the others in this brooding English drama.
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