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What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael
Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary / NEW RELEASES
Rating: (6.3)
Country: United States
Runtime: 98 min.
Director: Rob Garver
Studio: 29Pictures
Cast: Pauline Kael / Sarah Jessica Parker / Quentin Tarantino / David O. Russell / Alec Baldwin / Francis Ford Coppola / Paul Schrader / John Boorman / Robert Towne / Joe Morgenstern / James Wolcott / Gina James / William Whitworth / Marcia Nasatir / Christopher Durang / John Guare / Carol Baum / Tom Pollock / Molly Haskell / David V. Picker
Pauline Kael (1919–2001) was undoubtedly one of the greatest names in film criticism. A Californian native, she wrote her first review in 1953 and joined ‘The New Yorker’ in 1968. Praised for her highly opinionated and feisty writing style and criticised for her subjective and sometimes ruthless reviews, Kael’s writing was refreshingly and intensely rooted in her experience of watching a film as a member of the audience. Loved and hated in equal measure – loved by other critics for whom she was immensely influential, and hated by filmmakers whose films she trashed - Kael destroyed films that have since become classics such as The Sound of Music and raved about others such as Bonnie and Clyde. She was also aware of the perennial difficulties for women working in the movies and in film criticism, and fiercely fought sexism, both in her reviews and in her media appearances.
Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond
Year: 2016
Genre: Documentary
Rating: (8)
Country: France
Runtime: 80 min.
Director: Pierre Filmon
Studio: Fast Prod
Cast: Vilmos Zsigmond / John Boorman / Jerry Schatzberg / Darius Khondji / Nancy Allen / John Travolta / Peter Fonda / Haskell Wexler / Richard Donner / Vittorio Storaro
A very special encounter between legendary American cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond and young French director Pierre Filmon. A personal journey with the brightest shadowmaker and his friends.
Hope and Glory
Year: 1987
Genre: Romance / Drama / Comedy
Rating: (0)
Country: United States / United Kingdom
Runtime: 113 min.
Director: John Boorman
Studio: Davros Films
Cast: Sebastian Rice-Edwards / Geraldine Muir / Sarah Miles / David Hayman / Sammi Davis / Derrick O'Connor / Susan Wooldridge / Jean-Marc Barr / Ian Bannen / Annie Leon / Jill Baker / Amelda Brown / Katrine Boorman / Colin Higgins / Shelagh Fraser / Gerald James / Barbara Pierson / Nicky Taylor / Jodie Andrews / Nicholas Askew
Director John Boorman drew from his own childhood experiences for this coming-of-age tale about a boy growing up in and around London during World War II. For young Billy Rowan, the nightly bombings provide a frightening show, but they include opportunities to rummage through the rubble with friends in the mornings. As Billy plays, his family struggles to remain intact as they suffer through the anguish and losses of wartime.
Year: 1974
Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Rating: (0)
Country: United States / Ireland
Runtime: 105 min.
Director: John Boorman
Studio: John Boorman Productions
Cast: Sean Connery / Charlotte Rampling / Sara Kestelman / John Alderton / Sally Anne Newton / Niall Buggy / Bosco Hogan / Jessica Swift / Bairbre Dowling / Christopher Casson / Reginald Jarman / Daisy Boorman / John Boorman / Katrine Boorman / Telsche Boorman / David de Keyser
In the far future, a savage trained only to kill finds a way into the community of bored immortals that alone preserves humanity's achievements.
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